by Your Riding Buddy on June 8th, 2009

We installed the plaque at Carson's trail head today.We recently created a small simple park here and are now ready to clean up the trail itself. This existing trail which Carson, Hayden, and I built has been renamed With Carson.Hayden thought up the name while in Hunt over Christmas break. His idea was someone would ask "where did you ride (or hike) today?" and the reply would be "I rode with carson."Well, the name stuck and you can see how its use has grown and how it proves so applicable in infinite ways.Today, however, we remember it all started with this little trail in the woods.

The trail is our most challenging and I vividly remember as its construction progressed over the years Carson was always trying to make it harder.He wanted something that you couldn't ride, the idea was to always have that goal out in front of you.There are numerous obstacles and rock ledges.The trail is such that you can never develop any sustained momentum to carry you up or over the next obstacle, you must rely on strength, stamina, and skill.I have always continued to try and improve the trails here in Hunt but but one day when Carson and I were riding this particular trail he said to me "Dad, don't change anything".We will honor Carson and not change anything, we only plan to clean up the normal debris that has accumulated over time.

A few people have made the many obstacles at one time or another but putting it all together in one pass is almost impossible.It is a tremendous physical challenge but also very mental.I have made all the obstacles except one specific ledge but never all in the same ride.The term "clean" refers to riding the entire trail without any "dabs" (stopping or putting your foot down).Carson cleaned this trail for the first time last summer before going off to Cal Poly.He was very happy and proud.Maybe he would prefer for us to make it a little harder.

We had no official ceremony today but ask you to spend a moment in your own personal way, with carson.

by Rita Spears on April 19th, 2009

In my mind I like to think of Carson as having two birthdays... April 17 is his earthly birthday.

December 2 is his heavenly birthday. The beginning of his eternal life. Carson's homecoming to his Heavenly Father. The Bible says that "eye has not seen, nor can we imagine what God has prepared for us in Heaven."

But, Carson sees...he knows....he's living there.

by Mom & Dad on April 18th, 2009

Carson's Austin High lacrosse jersey was retired at the first annual With Carson Golf For Lacrosse tournament.Here Coach Andy Garrigan presents us the framed jersey.

Posted on March 28th, 2009

The outpouring for the Capitol 10K walk with Carson has been overwhelming.It is amazing how a group of people with common motivation can make such a difference, all in the name of Love.

by Scott Starkey on March 25th, 2009

I went out to the cemetery around dusk to water the tree and noticed a bird sitting up there in the branches. I set up the hose running in the tree dam. I was busy cleaning up flowers, hanging a couple of ornaments in the tree, and bringing all the vases and pots over to the hose for water. When I was finished, I sat down on the ground and noticed the bird was still there. I was impressed by how calm he was. I sat there for about half an hour and the bird just watched me watching him. He was still there when I left.

by The Starkey Family on March 19th, 2009

We had a small gathering at the cemetary this morning to witness the tree planting. A nice Live Oak now lives there.

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